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Corporate Eyecare

Do you have employees who use VDU Screens?

If you are an organisation with employees who are designated as display screen users, then we can provide the relevant eyecare and spectacles to help you comply with the legal requirements laid down in the HSE Display Screen Regulations (1992). 

Unlike other corporate schemes which require you to buy time limited vouchers up front, we can invoice your company for each eye examination and contribution towards spectacles, helping you to better manage your cashflow, and make life easier for your employees.

We can provide a tailored solution for your organisation. We offer a significantly discounted eye examination fee. For those people who need a correction, solely and specifically for VDU use the legislation states that the employer should cover the cost of a basic pair of spectacles. Employer-funded glasses can be supplied from our £50 complete range. These include anti-glare lenses as standard. We invoice you a discounted rate for these glasses.

If your employees would prefer glasses or lens options not included in the selected VDU range, they can choose to use this contribution as part payment towards alternative glasses.

Regardless as to whether they qualify for employer funded glasses or not, all staff who have their eyes tested on our corporate scheme benefit from a 20% discount on any complete glasses purchased from our £110 complete range or above.

Prescription Work & Safety Glasses

In addition to VDU eye care, Trew Eyecare is able to work with most suppliers of safety spectacles. If your employer has given you a form for safety glasses we can take the required measurements and fit the glasses when they arrive. 

If you are an employer and your employees require safety eyewear with a prescription, we are happy to offer advice and supply this for you. This can all be directly invoiced, to keep things simple and control your costs.

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